Soft yet Bold!
    Dementia Caregiving

    Soft yet Bold! Dementia Care, that is how we at wohlBEDACHT e.V. call our way of attending to our clients afflicted by dementia. The concept evolved from the cooperation of dementia-challenged persons and staff members of RosenGarten, wohlBEDACHT e.V. and Mitten im Leben e.V. Our experience derives from 20 years in the field. It is a soft method in the sense that we leave it to our guests and residents (we avoid calling them ‘patients’) to lead their lives exactly as they wish.

    The card deck in a nutshell:

    • 78 cards
    • 3 center cards
    • 4 blank cards
    • 8 categories
    • 1 Brochure

    We are often asked, internally and externally, how we finance our work, how we justify it in front of city and state authorities, and how we acquire new staff. Caregiving family members wish to understand how we care. Soft yet Bold! Care often incurs the acceptance of a challenging change of paradigms. We seek to share our knowhow.