Service Learning in
    Higher Education
    (EN, 2. Aufl.)

    Service Learning and Campus Community Partnerships are well known in some places; elsewhere it will be a relatively new approach to teaching in Higher Education. Service Learning facilitates academic teaching in collaboration with civil society – teaching that is practically oriented, linked to research, connected to real societal challenges, and aims to develop innovative solutions. Based on the experience of more than 50 universities and colleges in Germany and Europe this card deck represents the tacit knowledge and collective wisdom how to implement successfully Service Learning and Campus Community Partnerships in Higher Education.

    The card deck in a nutshell:

    • 90 cards
    • 9 categories
    • „How to use“ instructions
    • Categories and Patterns

    Innovative Learning and Teaching – Pattern Cards for Successful Service Learning

    Each card displays experience-based chunks of knowing how to – innovate teaching environments – open up universities to be responsible for societal challenges – how to acknowledge student and teacher engagement in the region. Combined, the cards offer an excellent tool for designing service learning projects and campus community partnerships. And they will be useful for reflection and evaluation.