Real Time Innovation
    Change the pattern.
    Change your thinking.

    ‚Real Time Innovation‘ – a pattern-based card deck and innovation tool, is based upon numerous scientific interviews with innovation-experts, entrepreneurs and startups. Pattern-cards are reflecting on the tacit and practice-based knowing on succesful innovation in business and society.

    Together with the ‚innovation radar canvas‘ the pattern cards represent a powerful tool for entrepreneurial innovation. Both the cards and the canvas are designed to initiate and support systematically planning, implementing and evaluating in and between organizations.

    In order to identify, value and implement the road to success for innovation in companies and organizations you want to use ‚Real Time Innovation (RTI-Tool)‘. RTI-Tools is a creative tool to cope and actively design ambiguity and continuos change in organisations and society.

    The card deck in a nutshell:

    • 89 cards
    • 10 blank cards
    • 6 categories
    • 5 Phase Cards
    • 1 Brochure
    • 1 Game plan

    Patterns and pattern languages (often named as (a system of) ‚design patterns‘ or ‚patterns of success‘) are a well-known approach to detect and share experience-based knowledge.